N.B: It is only tailored for our mature guys and ladies out there. I mean, this article is NOT for teenagers.

In life, we all at some point need to navigate where we are heading–and with whom we want to travel to be with—whether we be in a desert or comfort zone. 

Well, this article is tailored to help us know why we date in the first place. The reasons offered are concrete to the core. 

We all love to confide in someone other than our family members. You know that person who gave you shoulders to cry on, that person you can rely on, you feel safe whenever you are with that person, you feel comfortable with that person—eating, playing, laughing—anything. And what is more, you understand and realize that this person has your best interest at heart; he is always there for you. 

Aren’t those just the basic human needs? Of course, they are.

And as time goes on, having scrutinized many a person, you will be able to navigate the real mate for yourself. In this stage you are, you can decide who is for real and who just wants something casual. 

And what are you expecting now that you have been able to navigate the real person for yourself? It is this final stage that you are more than curious—it helps you figure out the right man with whom you will spend the rest of your life. At the stage, dating prepares you to know who the right person is to spend the rest of your life with. 

Guy, ladies, do you now see reasons why people date? 

But my dear, if you are not mature enough, never go into it because you will inflict pains on yourself and the other person.  


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