As for many people, they smile because they just want to respond to something that brings them joy or happiness. Nevertheless, psychologists have found out the health benefits of smiling and advised people to try as much as possible to ALWAYS smile.

That powerful voluntary or involuntary action can make a great impact in your life and that of others and can change their outlook on life.

Let us now see why you are advised to always smile.

Your smile is a reason for others to smile

You probably didn’t know this. People around you are affected by your actions and one of them is your smile. Did you know that some people don’t need anything from you except for your smile? Your smile and laughter alone is a powerful reason why they are alive.

Smiling makes you attractive

How true is this statement? You would agree with me that people are drawn to you when you smile. You are more approachable if you smile towards others.

You will find yourself to be more comfortable socially

At first, you feel awkward when you are in a social situation, especially one that you don’t know the people there except the person who invited you. This may be challenging. But the whole situation will change gradually if you tend to bring the best in you out by smiling genuinely.

Smile suppresses sadness

When you smile, your body releases serotonin—an anti-depressant which helps boost your mood. In turn, you are less likely to suffer from depression.
Your health is one of the most important things you should be concerned about. Things that add beauty and happiness to your life are what you should be after.

Never underestimate the power of a smile. Just a second smile can change you for the rest of your life. In the previous article, we learnt some imperative reasons why we are advised to smile. In this article, we will find out more about the reasons why you should consider smile as part of our duty, so to say.

The more you smile, the more productive you become

Productivity doesn’t only have to do with the amount of strength you have. A simple smile, you can’t purchase in the market, can make you more productive because it releases a chemical associated with happiness.

It makes people trust you

Whether the smile is genuine or not, people who smile are more trustworthy than those who frown. When you are trusted, it helps in every area of your life even teamwork.

Smiling can make you a successful being

How could this be possible? Let us picture this scenario: In a business world, when people are talking or discussing business with their clients, do they frown their faces? No at all, else they will lose that business or project. Even if they are not happy at that moment, they work so hard to ensure that they make the client happy too. My dear, the success of your business depends on your smile. And, always let your employees know that they must smile with your customers.

Smiling lowers blood pressure level

For those who have issues with their blood pressure level, here is good news for you all. When you smile, the level of your blood pressure is reduced greatly.

Therefore, never again underestimate the power of smiling. Your smile is your health.

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