Loving someone takes efforts and deep emotions. On the other hand, you may feel someone is attached to you because of the feelings of affection that a person shows for you. But do you really know what that affection or feeling is? Can you really tell if the person truly loves you or is doing it for his own selfish interest? Well, to answer those questions, let us first discuss what infatuation is.

Infatuation, which is very common and can easily be confused with love, is a feeling, a strong one indeed, for someone but which is unreasonable and does not last for a long time. With this definition, you would agree with me that many guys today are infatuated with ladies, not because they really want to make the situationship a relationship, let alone a serious one, but just want to get something and leave. I don’t know if this is the same with girls towards guys.

Ladies, this article, just like others which have been published so far, is designed for you. Ladies, you don’t have to be deceived. Guys will come and ask you out. But can you tell if he is really asking for something that will last for a period of time or because he just wants to get something from you?

This topic will cover about two articles. Let us now begin with the first.

Infatuation happens quickly

There are some guys who, seeing a girl for the first time, start developing love for them. To them, the feeling is love. But in all honesty, it is not love; it is infatuation. Why? Infatuation happens quickly, even without speaking with that person, getting to know her. Once you set your eyes on someone, you’ve liked her.

Infatuation focuses on what he wants

Guys will tell others that so far the money is there, they will enjoy life with any lady. This is infatuation and next to the first point. A guy who is infatuated with a lady focuses only on what he wants from her. He may be spending for her—this is fine. But he doesn’t want anything serious.

We are still on the issue of love and infatuation.

So many people today are obsessed with others the moment they see them for the first time. Telling the difference is very hard often because both of love and infatuation involve feelings.

How, then, do you know if it is infatuation or love? Let us get into business once and for all.

Infatuation is possessive

If a guy is infatuated with a lady, he does not think of being generous or helping the lady in the area of her needs. The guy is only concerned about what he wants to get from her. On the contrary, love is generous and considerate.

Infatuation happens on the surface

Yes, nobody argues that he doesn’t have feelings for you but the truth is that those feelings are not real; they just are on the surface because the person in question is not serious about you. But when it is love, you feel deeper attachment and affection.

Infatuation is short-lived

Yes, indeed. In fact, most ladies can attest to this fact. Immediately a guy gets what he wants from that gal, staying with her is very cumbersome for him.

Infatuation is controlled by desires

Infatuation grows with desires. Meaning, the more his desire grows, the more his feelings for you grow. This shows that after seeing you for the first time, he will be more obsessed when he sees you again. This time (if he didn’t say it the first time) he will tell you how he feels about you.

But love only grows with friendship. It grows with time because the person needs to know you more.

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