It might baffle you as a parent to see your little ones having fun playing together one moment and the next they’re bashing each other on the head over a toy or a new discovery in the yard. Don’t let it get to you too bad, siblings fight all the time regardless of the love they share, and this is more reason why you need some tips and tricks up your belt in getting the situation under control every time your kids declare war on each other.

So, how do you help your kids stop fighting each other?

Give them time, yeah?

When they start bickering at each other, what they actually need is some attention, ‘your attention’, and if and when you decide to step in to stop their little conflict from getting blown out of proportion. Try not to take sides, take care to listen to each child’s side of the story, and work out some sort of agreement between them so peace reigns again. 

Don’t resort to comparisons

It’s natural to want to praise the good deeds of one child over the other but it isn’t really ideal to do that in the presence of your kids. First, you’ll only fuel rivalry, feelings of inadequacy and sure, more conflict between your little ones. Therefore, learn to celebrate their differences without labelling them.

Let them settle their disputes

Naturally, you’ll want to assume the position of authority as the ‘adult’ in your children’s conflict; however, there are times when it is advisable to let them talk it out. Utilize their big misunderstanding to reinforce a new lesson or two in them by letting them know they’re great problem solvers too, and watch them try to prove to you just how they can act all grown-up and settle their own issues.

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