Sunlight doesn’t just make your skin pop in pictures; you might want to spend more time basking under the sun’s glow to get a load of all its amazing benefits and more. While excess exposure to the sun’s UV rays might cause potential damage for skin, hair and general health, getting the right amount of all that sun filtering through your vents or going all out and sunbathing on your porch is the way to go in curing certain skin diseases, regulating insulin production, converting fat and carbohydrates into energy and yeah, giving you a nice tan!

And that’s not all; check out additional benefits of sunlight for skin, hair, and health.

Sunlight reduces stress levels

A simple act like sunbathing can prove effective in helping your body unwind; exposure to the sun’s bright rays has been proven to help lower the production of the stress hormone, cortisol, in the body.

Helps you lose weight

Want a break from the gym for more unconventional ways of losing weight? Then sunbathing is the perfect break you need; lather up some sunscreen on your skin and watch the sun do its magic.

Increases vitamin D levels in the body

This much is obvious, right? What you don’t know is how bad your skin and body need this vitamin, which you can get by just hanging around in the sun ‘without sunscreen’ though. Vitamin D does the following in improving your skin, hair, and health:

• Supports the immune system.

• Shields your body against cancer.

• Reduces your risk for diabetes.

• Stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.

• Heals skin infections.

source: LadyNaija


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