BY: Aaditya Shah

The Introduction

This is the story of the 17th century. There were two friends- Jack and Louis who were like close brothers. They both were friends from when they were 4. Now they were 13 years old. Both of ‘em studied in the same class. One day Louis says his best friend goodbye as he was shifting to Canada with his family. Jack had tears in his eyes. He cried a lot because Louis was leaving. Jack could never forget Louis. He was very sad after Louis had left him alone. Then Jack dies in a terrorist attack. Louis now says this whole story of their unbreakable friendship to his dear son after his marriage. Then Louis returns from Canada to his home. Louis then says the incomplete story.

Chapter 1:- Louis Begins The Story.

Louis was now 29. He was married and he had a son named Roy. One day Louis was drinking tea on a Sunday morning. His son came to him and he asked him, “Dad, I have heard that you had a very sad story. Would you tell me the story dad?” “Oh” said Louis to his son “I would like you to know the story son.” Then Louis began, “I was 4. I was in Lower Kinder Garden. It was a month and a new boy of 4 was admitted to our class. Our teacher, Miss Mary made him to sit near me.
“What’s your name?” I asked him. “Jack. And what’s yours?” asked he to me. I replied “My names Louis. Would you like to be friends with me?” He then said, “Yes. Why not.”
“Roy, then we gradually became the best of friends. We played and studied together. No one could destroy our friendship.”

Chapter 2:- The Fight.

“One day when I was in 4th grade, exams were going on for a few days.” Roy was digging his nose as if he was bored. Louis said him in anger, “Roy, are you listening?” Then Roy got scared and he pretended that he was listening. Then Louis continued, “It was the days of the results of the exams which were going on. I had got more marks than Jack.”
“I went and teased him that I had got more marks than him. He got very angry and he hit me. Even I hit him but when I hit him the teacher saw me and blamed me and not Jack. After the school was over that day I went straight up to Jack, hit him in his face and I told him that because of him I got scoldings.”
Jack brought his mom to the class the next day and Louis had got more scoldings from his teacher. Louis continued, “I and Jack did not talk for a few days. But Roy, after a few days we shook hands and we were friends again!”

Chapter 3:- The Sports Day in the School.

“We now had our sports day which was held every three years. All prepared for the sports day by practicing Relay Race, Running Race and the frog jump. I and Jack also were prepared for the sports day which was tomorrow.”
“Next morning all had come to see the Sports. We were in 4th grade as you know Roy. Now the turn was of the third grade. Next was our chance. I was very excited and so was Jack! Now it was our chance. I was nervous.”
The first event was Frog Jump. All stood at the starting line. Our ringmaster blew his lucky charm which he wears around his neck by mistake. All started laughing. All of ‘em had a hearty laugh.”
“Now our ringmaster blew the whistle and we started leaping like a frog. First came Jack, second came Ronnie and third came me.”
“The next event was 200m running race. All were ready to take off like a bullet train! Our ringmaster kept the whistle which he was wearing around his neck in his mouth and then eventually he whistled the whistle. We took of. I and Jack reached the finishing line together. We gave each other a high-five. Now it was the time for the Relay race which was the final event for our class. There were groups standing on both the sides. The relay race was won by team C in which I and Jack was also there.”
“We enjoyed a lot!”

Chapter 4:- The Visit of Louis’ House by Jack

“Roy, now it was the best holidays of the year-Summer holidays! Jack was invited by me to our very palace-like house. He had come to my house. My mom, who is your grandma Roy, had prepared lunch for the both o’ us. We had our lunch heartily.”
“Then we went to a nearby library and read some books. Then we returned home. We no played the video game which I had. We played the video games for hours together.” Roy now went to drink water. When he returned Louis continued, “Then it was evening and Jack left. I bid farewell and wished him a good night.”

Chapter 5:- The Stay at Louis’ House.

“I had again invited him to my house, but this time I had visited him for a stay! He agreed and he came to my house. We saw TV, Played and we had really enjoyed.”
“Now it was night and we slept. My mom slept in the first floor. We slept in the ground floor. We had a great sleep. We woke up and had our breakfast. Then we had gone to the playground and I found many friends of mine. We decided to play a 20-20 cricket match. There were teams of 5 in each team. Our team won the toss and we elected to bat. Jack and Drake went in first. Drake was on strike and Jack was on non strike. Drake took a couple of runs.”
“We had batted our first innings and we played the second innings and we won! Then Jack left to his house.”

Chapter 6:- Aunt Polly

“Roy, after a few days Aunt Polly had come from Washington. She was very funny. She always used to give me a few dollars whenever she gave a visit to our house. I had always loved her. She also used to give me costly gifts on my birthday.”
“She always used to say me jokes. One day I gave a visit to Aunt Polly’s house. It was just a beautiful house. I would say that it was better than a palace of the King.”
I sometimes slept near her in the night and also in the afternoon.”
“One very day we had slept in the afternoon. That was a very funny moment. When we were sleeping I had a very much messed up dream about a ghost who ate me totally!”
Now Roy got scared when Louis spoke about the ghost. Then Louis comforted him by saying that it was just a dream. Now Roy was a bit relieved.
“I just woke up and screamed. Aunt Polly just got damn scared. She cried,” Holy Jesus! What just happened?”
“That was a very funny moment. You had to see her face and the way she said. I burst out laughing Roy. Hahahaha. That was an unforgettable moment.”
“Then another day me and my aunt were watching the movie: The Ring. In that the TV suddenly switched on and a ghost came out of the TV. After seeing that movie we decided to see some serials. But before we saw ‘em Aunt Polly had baked some cake and she brought it for us. After seeing the movie we had switched of the TV.”
“Then we returned with the cake. The remote was on the sofa and Aunt Polly sat on the remote without realizing that she sat on it. Even I did not realize that she sat on the remote. Suddenly the TV turned on. She was shocked and maybe she missed a heartbeat. She thought that the ghost in the movie was real. Then she felt something under her. She got up and she realized that the TV had switched on because she had sat on the remote.”
“I again burst out laughing. Oh my God! That day I did nothing but laugh!!”
“Then that day I called Jack to Aunt Polly’s house. He had then come.”
“I had told him about the TV mystery. He too burst out laughing. We both had a hearty laugh. Even Aunt Polly laughed a bit. We enjoyed. We were playing in one room. We were playing a game o’ cards. Aunt Polly knocked on the door but we were busy playing cards. Then she herself opened the door. We screamed, “Help! Ghost in the house!” as we didn’t realize that it was my Aunt. She too cried, “In the name of Holy Christ why do you scream!! You always scare me by that scream. Oh Jesus Christ what is happening. Why is everyone screaming?”
“Then again I and Jack burst out laughing because the way Aunt Polly said it. There were tears in our eyes. Our stomach also had started to pain.”
“Then it was evening and we both had left to our homes.”

Chapter 7:- The School Trip to an Amusement Park

“It was the night before the day when we had our field trip to an amusement park. I was very happy. I was packing my things which I needed for the next day. My mom also helped me in my work. I was very excited about the trip.”
“Then the next day I got ready and left for school. Then in the school the buses had arrived. I entered my class and saw everyone very excited and happy about the trip to the park. Then our teacher, Miss Rosy entered the class. She said us a boring lecture which was very important.”
“Then our ringmaster came in our class and asked us to form a line. But before that our whole class said a prayer for a safe journey.”
“Then we reached in the bus and we sat in whichever seat we had found was empty. I and Jack sat together. We talked about some things. Then after maybe half an hour we reached the park. All started screaming in the bus including me and Jack. Then our teacher asked us to get down of the bus silently. We then entered the amusement park. It was just so beautiful.”
“Then our teacher had said that we could play in any ride. And if they were hungry they could eat food in the park where they sold popcorn, cup noodles etc. I and Louis just ran towards the pool and dived in. Oh the dive was a must watch Roy.”
“After coming out of the pool we went to a dangerous ride in which we were not allowed to by our teachers. But we entered the ride. We sat and put our seat belts on. Then the ride began. The whole ride went up and started turning very damn fast as if you were in a mixer grinder!”
“After sometime Jack puked. He then started crying. I tried to make him understand that the ride will end soon. Then eventually the ride was then over. Our teacher saw us and scolded us both badly for going in such a dangerous ride. Then Jack stopped crying and we both apologized to our teacher and she forgave us. We were very happy and then promised her that we wont do this again.”
“We were now hungry and we both ate cup noodles. Then it was now time to leave. We all sat in the bus and we started our journey back to the school. I felt asleep while Jack sat there silently thinking about the ride. Then we reached the school and I woke up. Then from the school we went to our homes.”
“Then when I reached home my mom asked, “How was trip son? Did you enjoy?”
“Then I thought that of course every body enjoys in an amusement park. What sort of question is that?”
“Then I answered her that it was a very good trip. Then it was night and we all slept.”

Chapter 8:- Jack’s Birthday Party

“Guess what Roy. It was the 17th of November which meant that it was Jack’s birthday. He had invited all his friends for his birthday party. Even I was invited. I wore a suit which was black in color. I had took a RC car as a present for Jack.”
“Then my dad dropped me to Jack’s house. His house was really cool. The birthday party was in the huge garden of his. There were many tables and chairs arranged in the garden. Then I entered his house and he was in his room getting ready. Jack was just coming. He opened the door while I was going to open the door and the door hurt me in my nose very badly. He said me sorry and I hugged him and wished him a very happy birthday. It was Jack’s 9th birthday. Even I was 9.”
“Then Jack’s mom came and told us that we should be now coming to the garden for the party to begin. I was very excited. We celebrated. Then Jack cut the birthday cake and first gave it to….. You can’t even imagine Roy, he gave it to me. He did not give it to anybody first in his family but to me! I wanted to cry but I controlled as this was a happy day and moment. Then he gave it to everybody. I gave him the gift so gave everybody else. He thanked everybody for the gift. Then it was now time and everybody left. I did not leave but when everyone left I started crying. Jack noticed this and he asked me that why I was crying. I answered him that leaving his family he gave me the cake first of all. He told me that you are more than my family. I then started crying more loudly. He made me shut my mouth and brought me a smile on my face. This shows real friendship.”
“Then even I left.”

Chapter 9:- The Swimming King Competition

“Roy, now our school had held a Swimming King competition. I did not know how to swim but Jack knew how to swim. I asked him that would he teach me how to swim. He said that of course. He knew that he couldn’t deny me. We went to a deserted but a clean swimming pool. There Jack taught me the position for diving in the water. Then immediately he dived into the water splashing water straight to my face. I was pretty scared.”
“Then I took the diving position and dived in the pool nervously. I didn’t realize the floor which was there under me and I started to shout for help and that I am drowning. Then I felt the floor in my feet. I was now relieved. Then he asked me to come back up and this time he taught me how to swim. The school Headmaster had said us that in this competition there would only be freestyle. Jack dived in the water again splashing water into my face. Then he rotated his right arm and then the left arm. The important thing that I noticed was the kicking of the legs which were done by Jack perfectly.
He then asked me to dive and swim freestyle and told me not to be scared.”
“I was very nervous but I dived and started rotating my hands slowly just as Jack had done. Now I could do it perfectly and Jack said me that how easy this was. I nodded in agreement.”
“Then it was the day of the swimming competition. I prayed: Holy Christ! Bless my soul. Make me win.”
Then our sir asked us to come in position and all took the diving position. Then our sir whistled loudly. All dived but I was in some other world and my sir came and pushed me and I was scared in the beginning. But later I became one of the fastest swimmers. I was with Jack now. But Jack purposely let me win. The winners of the round were Me, Jack, Rodney and Greg.”
“We were qualified for the next round and that was the final round and whoever came first would win the title of the Swimming King. There was a beautiful trophy for the winner. I just loved it. Our sir asked us to stand in our positions and in no time we were ready.”
“Then I was scared but I wanted to win. Sir whistled and we altogether dived and swam. I was with Greg and Jack. I could race Jack and Greg. Now I was in the first place! I was so excited. I finally touched the finish line. There were tears in my eyes because I had swam for the first time and I also won the title: ‘The Swimming King’. Jack began clapping and so did others simultaneously. I was very happy.”

Chapter 10:- Louis’ Funny Save

“One day my father got a call. It was his boss. He had asked my dad to reach the airport tomorrow and that they will be going to Mexico City for an important business meeting. It was next day and my father usually goes out for a walk and so he did today. I decided that before the return of dad I could clean the house and dad would praise me. I started cleaning the floor with a broomstick. Then I was cleaning things which were in the showcase. There was our house clock which I started to clean but, while cleaning the clock fell down. But thank God. There was no crack or scratch on it. I did not realize that the time had changed as the hands of the clock turned. Then my dad came. He saw the clock and it was still 10:00. But the real time was 12:30. He had to leave at 12 noon. They both went to the airport but their plane had missed. Dad asked me what had I done with the clock.”
“Dad realized now that it was 12:55. I told him the truth about the clock. He scolded me but he met his boss’ assistant. He came and said that boss had cancelled the trip to Mexico City. Now dad thanked me for throwing the clock. I was now relieved. Then we went home.”

Chapter 11:- Louis Leaves

“Roy now I had to leave to Canada. It was maybe two days before I left. I was packing my things. Jack was not at all aware that I was leaving. It was my dads business transfer for maybe a decade!”
“The very next day I went to buy all the things needed for our journey. I also had to inform Jack about this but I completely forgot. I was then having dinner when my mom asked me whether I had told Jack about this but I told her that before Leaving the next day I would inform him.”
“I didn’t know that he’d cry so much ‘coz I’m leaving. I just went to his house and knocked on the door. He opened the door and he hugged me tight. I asked him what was the matter. He said that we were the toppers of the exam we had recently.”
“I then told him that I had bad news. He asked me curiously what was it. I told him. I almost was about to cry before I told him but, I controlled myself. I told him that I was leaving to Canada. He asked for how much days. But I could barely say him that not days but years but I gathered courage and told him that I was going there for maybe a decade. He thought I was joking. But I said him it was the truth. He broke down to tears. A little bit later even I broke down to tears. He couldn’t control himself.”
“I was then called by mom and I had to leave. I bid him farewell. He pleaded me to not go. But I had to go. Then we left. I, while going screamed that do send me messages every week. He agreed to do atleast that. Then Jack was out of sight.”
“Then we reached the airport and we left.”

Chapter 12:- The Friend Calls for the Final Time

“Roy, then it was maybe 4 years after I reached Canada. I could never forget Jack. He was more than anyone to me. One very day he called me. I was so damn excited that I received a call from him. I picked up the phone and before he could say anything I just asked him that how was he. When he spoke up he was dreadful. He said me the worst news of all.”
“He said me that the terrorists had invaded the city. He said that they would all soon die. Then I said this thing to mom and we immediately left. When we reached there the terrorists had maybe left. We went to Jack’s house in a city taxi. We found out that the house had been demolished. We tried to go inside and we were successful.”
“We found out that everyone in his family had died including him.” Now Louis started crying a bit. Then he continued, “I almost had a heart attack. I was going to fall unconscious. I had never ever cried this bitterly in my whole life. In Jack’s burial ceremony I put the flowers on his grave. After I put those I started crying slightly.”
And thus completes the emotional story of two brother-like friends. Roy also started crying very slightly.

The End


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