Every lady desires to have a perfect man in her life. The search for true love is hard and you are to overlook the faults of the person because of your desire to find someone whom you truly love. But you can do yourself good by saving yourself time and heartache when you realize that not all men are true men; there are some you ought to avoid. 

In this post, I will be sharing the types of men every woman needs to avoid. 

1. The distant professional 

Yes, we all need money to survive—to pay our bills, buy us some nice clothes and other important things we need. A guy who works hard to provide for his girl is, in fact, honoured for doing it. However, lady, remember that a serious relationship is built on something more than material things. Money can never be substituted for true love and vice versa. 

2. The commitment-phobe

How do you feel about a man who doesn’t feel concerned about your position in his life, I mean, how he feels about your relationship with him? This is the type of man who plays a lot of games in a relationship and really wants to get things done, not minding how you are affected. This person is willingly to emotionally destroy you.  Avoid him ASAP!

3. The immature guy

You know that guy who can’t decide for himself, who is tossed about by others, especially his mom? Making decisions in life is very difficult for him. Being responsible is something he really can’t dare. Being in a relationship with this type of guy who can’t make decisions for himself is a total waste of time. 

4. The tatty communicator 

One of the keys to a serious and strong relationship is good communication. When a relationship lacks communication, especially from the guy, it’s extremely difficult for it to thrive. Please, if you are in such a relationship leave. 

Ladies, please avoid relationships that make it difficult for you to breathe. 

SOURCE: NaijaLady

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