Every relationship is different but don’t you just get curious sometimes about what kind of relationship you are in?

Most relationships bear similarities, and so, they can be grouped together.

It is time to get the relationship to stethoscope out and see how you guys are doing, based on the different types of relationships out there!

1.Lambs and altars

It is a strange name I have given it but this one refers to the sacrificial relationship. Don’t say ‘aww’ yet thinking it is sweet. I am thinking about the kind of relationship in which somebody keeps bending over backward to make the other person happy. As sweet as it may seem at first, it is actually unhealthy. A relationship should be about giving and taking and both parties must partake in that exercise.

2. Friends with benefit

This is pretty popular. It is a casual relationship punctuated by a lot of sex and no emotional commitment. It is a joy ride but it never lasts and sooner than you think one person (or both) people get emotionally attached and it gets complicated. Don’t even bother with starting this kind of relationship.

3. The contract

This is where both parties run a relationship like it is a business venture. They are not together because they love each other but because they are gaining directly from the relationship, e.g. money, fame, etc.

4. The beehive

By this, I am referring to relationships where both parties are too busy for each other. They are so career-driven and at a point, it looks like that is all that is keeping them together. It is good to be ambitious, even better if you and your partner are both driven but a relationship is about emotional, spiritual fulfillment as well.

5. Tear-rubber

This refers to relationships where the couple is all about sex. They barely connect on any other level but are always going at sex. They use sex as a tool to settle fights (more like avoid fights). This may seem satisfying for a while but it isn’t. By the way, can you guess how I came up with the label for this kind of relationship?

6. The affair

I don’t even think this qualifies as a relationship but for some, they are usually emotionally invested and so believe it is a proper relationship. Being the ‘other’ woman is never right, not to you and definitely not to his wife. You should look for a relationship that truly has a future that won’t hurt anyone.

7. Toxic relationship

This is mostly characterized by emotional abuse. By that, I mean that your self-esteem is constantly being eroded by the comments or threats from your partner. What this does is to suck the life out of you. Though most people outside the relationship may assume that you two are great, you need to leave this guy.

8. The abusive relationship

This is one where your partner physically hurts you and threatens you with physical violence. You don’t feel safe in this relationship and you are scared of leaving but you should because that is the only way you will live a fuller life.
Have you always believed that your relationship is perfect? It is time to look at it with another lens. Try to figure out, based on this list, if your relationship is as perfect as you have always believed it to be.

Let’s see the remaining relationship types.

9. Open season

This is my name for an open relationship. Here, the couple says that they are emotionally attached to each other but they still sleep with other people. There are so many things wrong with this model and I can tell you for a fact that it doesn’t last.

10. The rebound

This is a relationship where both or one of you has just experienced a bad breakup or some other deeply emotionally traumatizing event. Both of you are mostly bound by a sense of loss or the need to feel again. This is not fair because I see it as using someone emotionally. Instead, see a therapist.

11. Codependency

This is one where one party is emotionally dependent on the other person. The dependent one finds meaning, identity, and self-worth in the other person. Obviously, this is not healthy but more often than not, it manifests subtly. You should see the articles I have written on the signs of codependency.

12. Perfect imperfection

I saved the best for last. This is a relationship where both parties are suited for each other, respect each other and are truly committed to being better as individuals and as a team. The love here is genuine and so, perfect. However, this does not mean they don’t hit rough patches sometimes. Yet, what matters is how they are able to resolve their difference and keep the fire going. This is what makes it perfect imperfection.

This may not be all the relationship types out there but it covers the major bases. Where do you think your relationship falls?
SOURCE: LadyNaija

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