It is true that after a relationship with God what comes next is your family. Just as family is important, so also is friendship. However, many people find it daunting to maintain personal relationships, mostly adduced to insufficient time. Don’t forget that time is on nobody’s side, everyone is always busy. 

What can we do to help strengthen our family bonds and friendships with others? Effort is needed. Don’t feel that others need to take the initiative first to extend a loving hand to you before you could do the same. According to psychologists, people who give are the happiest; they feel less depressed, less anxious and boost their own self-esteem. Successful relationships are more about giving than about receiving.

A good family relationship makes it easy for your family to solve problems and resolve conflicts.  This, in turn, helps the children build strong relationships on their own with others. 

Also, you need to give of your time to your family and friends. It is true that time is on nobody’s side. In fact, people always cry for extra hours to be included in the already existing 24 hours we’ve all got. Quality time spent with family and friends is far more important than your money. 

Try as much as possible in life to avoid greed. Your family is the most important asset in your life. As stated above, quality time is more precious than money. An unbalanced view of or approach to money will damage your relationships, with your family and friends. Money is not everything—there is more to life than money, my dear. 

source: LadyNaija

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