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So many people say hookah use is not dangerous, smoking hookah or shisha doesn’t have any effects. But is it really true that smoking hookah has no side effects?

Well, let us first consider what hookah or shisha (another name for hookah) is. So in this article, shisha will also be used. Hookah is a water pipe that allows a person to smoke sweetened and flavoured tobacco. Hookah tobacco is always sweetened with sweet flavours such as chocolate, apple, watermelon, coconut, and/or honey. 

The hookah consists of a tobacco chamber. The tobacco chamber consists of a bowl, which contains burning charcoal placed on top of the flavoured tobacco. When users draw on the stem of the hookah, the smoke is pulled through the water chamber and hose, cooling it before being inhaled into the lungs. 

Having considered what the hookah is all about, what are the health risks of smoking shisha? 

This issue had been under research for a very long time before it was later known. The health risks of smoking shisha are closely related to those of a cigarette. Let us now consider them.

Health professionals have reported a series of diseases and health problems those who smoke hookah face. Hookah smokers (women) have a higher risk of developing infertility. If you are a lady who smokes a hookah, understand that it kills you more than you think it does. 

What about a decrease in lung function? Does it have any effect? Yes, it does. Why? Because the nicotine and other toxins from the tobacco are not removed, even during the process of cooling. When this occurs, it has the same toxicity of traditional cigarettes. 

In addition, hookah smokers face infectious diseases such as mononucleosis and herpes. 

Young ones are known to fancy hookah tobacco. Does it mean hookah doesn’t have a side effect on their skin? Hookah smoking is associated with the aging of the skin. 

Young man, young woman, be careful with what you take in. 

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