BY: G.E Wenner

Alright, it’s finally here. You know that day that just brings all the joy in the world? Graduation! Yes, you heard me right. That fabled day of high school that one awaits with baited breath from the beginning of September. Oh how nothing brings more joy to the begrudged high school senior awaiting the day when he can finally leave behind all the essays, quizzes and notes that he has had to take in the last four years.

Well, my friend, that is finally here! It may only be 7 o’clock in the morning but it is so close that I can practically feel the diploma in my hand and the cap on my head. Oh to finally be free of it all!

I can hear my mother calling me from upstairs, telling me that it is time to get up. Little does she know that I have been up for two hours already perfecting my hair and outfit for the day. The wonderful day it will be!

I bound up the stairs so quickly my dog can hardly keep up with my pace. As I reach the top my mother gives me a quizzical look, like she is wondering what the hell I am doing up at this hour on a Saturday morning for I can assure you, this is a rare feat. She hands me a bagel with strawberry cream cheese as I am about to dash out the door and jump into the car. I eat the bagel even though my mother knows I hate cream cheese of any flavor just to give me some, admittedly, not needed energy. I want to get on with this already!! I want do finally be free of everything that I am leaving behind for all the underclassmen to have to deal with. All the rotten teachers and horrible classes that I tried to sleep through.

Well, she calmly reminded me that it is in fact much too early and that the graduation does not start for two hours. Two long hours. Two hours sitting on the couch, watching the morning news about some young man sent to prison for the next 15 years for molesting a young boy and another for stealing over 3 million dollars from several people, costing them their entire life savings. Just another Madof on our hands again. Oh such a promising world I am about to embark my journey on.

Though the somber news, I cannot seem to lose the joy that I have been feeling for the last three weeks or so. Nothing could bring me down on this splendid day!

Finally, it is time to go. My mother tells me to pile all of my stuff into the car and to be sure there is room for my little sister and grandparents, who we are to pick up on the way.

We gather my sister, who just got up like ten minutes ago and hop in the car. She is still half asleep when we get to my grandparents house around the corner. They hug me in turn, hand me a graduation card and get into the car with us.

We are officially on our way, just turning on the highway that will deliver us practically to the front door of the graduation, when my sister, the clumsy little brat, drops her purple and blue polka dot Sippy cup and it rolls under my mothers’ seat, lodging itself under the break petal. At the same moment, a tractor trailer swerves to miss a stranded Dodge Neon on the road and heads right into our lane. My mother tries desperately to hit the break but the cup is stuck in the way. I hear screaming and realize that is my own just as the truck hits us…and I wake up.

I can hear my mother calling me from upstairs. I get up, a little shaken, and throw on some cloths and quickly do my hair. I run up the stairs, still excited about graduation, already forgetting about my dream. My mother tells me that we have to leave shortly and hands me a bagel with strawberry cream cheese. I eat it, knowing full well that I hate cream cheese of any kind and throw the news on for a few minutes. The first story on is about a 24 year old man sent to prison for the 15 years for molesting a 12 year old boy. Then, a story about an older man swindling 3 million dollars from his clients, costing them all their life savings. Suddenly, my dream is coming back to me.

My mom tells me its time to go, grabs my sister and her purple and blue polka dot Sippy cup and we head for the door. I am trying to remember every detail of my dream as we head to pick up my grandparents. They hand me a card as they hug me and get in the car. We are just turning onto the highway when my dream suddenly comes flashing back in all its gruesome glory. I notice the Dodge Neon on the side of the road just as my sister drops her Sippy cup. I see the semi speeding down the opposite side of the road, swerve around the Neon, and watch as my mother tries in vain to hit the breaks. I want to tell her I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have let them get into the car, but I don’t have time. I hear myself screaming as the truck hits us and this time, I know I won’t wake up.


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