BY: Tony Lonergan

Vast expanse of emptiness beyond comprehension existed at the beginning of time, without record or unit, right or wrong. In endless silence a simple being grew from the spark of unknown power… the Goddess Vera.Alone in the silence of the immense emptiness, Vera remained for eons, her mind slowly awakening to the dawn of time.

The Goddess Vera knew no sadness through her slumber, but as she gazed about her new domain, she feared the eternal neutrality of her own solitude. Her constant strife with herself only grew as time passed, leading Vera finally cry out, rending from her body, two new beings. Anahi, an enveloping darkness, spread throughout the expanse, attempting to bask about the Goddess Vera and pull her back into sleep while the other, Reka, Goddess of the great light, struggled against her.

For ages the two Goddess struggled against one another, vying for the attention of their mother, who remained silent, lost amongst her own thoughts in an attempt to find peace. From this desire, Sergaris, The Lord of Balance, was born. Reka’s unending light tore at her sister, forcing her to flee further into the vast expanse of emptiness, and so, with the intention of balancing all that existed, Sergaris took Reka into his arms, and shaped her, crafting her into a gem, unparalleled, setting her on one side of her Mother. Able to return on the opposite side, Anahi drew back from the expanse, and quickly became jealous of the form of her sister.

The Goddess Anahi wept at the form of her sister for 100,000 years, slowly creating an expansive sea of liquid, a living being born of sorrow. This being became known to Vera as Seradhe, his grasp slowly taking forth the remaining body of the mother goddess into his arms, to cradle her comfortably away from the chaos.

Soon, Vera fell Silent in the embrace of Seradhe, stretching her form out, to create the expansive plains; her bosom became the mountains, and the coiled fingers of Seradhe as he relaxed her, the sea. The Goddess Anahi saw this as an opportunity to finally win her mother’s favor, and reached down to Seradhe, saying “You were born of me for me, for I loved you before you existed. Help me honor my mother by creating an icon of my sister Reka as I created you.” Seradhe, so struck with desire reached deep within himself, and drew forth a pearl, so great and perfect that it nearly identically matched the form of Goddess of light herself. Anahi lifted the idol high above Seradhe and basked in its glow, her mocking laughter booming forth, birthing her and Seradhe’s child, the first storm, Jorona.

Reka remained silent in her isolation, watching as her mother lie and rest amongst Seradhe. After a time however, her loneliness grew, so, with a single breath upon her mothers flesh, the Light gave birth to nature. Plants of all forms grew upon the sleeping Goddess Vera, and thrived in the light of Reka’s embrace. As the breath continued beyond Vera, it began to twist and toss to and fro; slowly forming forth from the light came a bird of incredible beauty, carrying all the color of the world with her. This new Goddess, Tinintri, carried with her mother’s breath, the wind whispering through lush green forests, spreading the seeds of life and creating man.

Jorona remained with his father for a time, but soon grew and sought his mother in the endless night. Finding her, the Lord of storms cried out to her, seeking her affections, but Anahi remained fixed on her glowing idol, and Jorona retreated, enraged. Hefting his father higher and higher, Jorona submerged the Goddess Vera’s slumbering form, holding her their draining her form of life, destroying the world Reka had created, and wiping the body of Vera clean in the hands of Seradhe.
Seeing her creation destroyed, the Goddess Reka cried out, the stunning Avian form of the Goddess Tinintri descended from the heavens, and struck Jorona, before beginning to circle the form of Vera, with Jorona chasing her, his form striking the trailing wind, casting thunder and lightning to the world below.

Life returned to the form of Vera as she remained dormant, the Distracted Jorona no longer holding her beneath the arm of his father, though the new world was not one of perfect design. Chaos spread from the quarrelsome winds and storms, and Reka’s light soon lost focus, as she set her attention on the Idol Anahi bore high into the sky.

Furious with the mockery of her form, the Goddess of Light, Reka appealed to Sergaris, finding only silence as the Lord of Balance weighed the world below. Insulted and restless Reka wept, her tears spreading forth from her, creating her daughter Chenoa, Fairest of the Gods, and Queen of the Stars. Reaching forth into Anahi’s domain, Chenoa called to her mother, directing her where to find the idol, the fleeing Anahi and the perusing Reka continue the endless pursuit today, each scorned by the other.


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