BY: I.A Hart

The Band
(What secrets they hold.)

Crystal pleaded with her mom. She had to go. Steph was impatient as well. It would be the chance of a lifetime, one would never forget. They would never forget.
All Crystal thought of were his blazing blue eyes. His gaze could pierce a heart and leave a trail of fire in its wake. Her best friend and roommate Steph, had her eye on one of them too, the soft-spoken one, with a smile that lit up her heart. They had to go.
Crystal’s mom walked in with a sad look, and plopped down on the sofa.
“They were sold out girls.” She did not look up. “I tried, sorry. The line was wrapped around the building.”
Steph chanted her “I knew its.” And left the room, slamming the door behind her. Crystal followed her, huffing and puffing the whole way. The Mom silently giggled.
After dinner they sat around, listened to the CD and dreamed of being taken away, wrapped in their arms, kissed by their lips. Mom pulled the tickets from her purse and slid them under the door. Waiting with her ear pressed to the door, she held her breath. No sound. Did they faint? She opened the door to realize they had not seen the tickets. She picked them up and laid them on the bed, giggling at their wide eyes and surprised faces. Crystal wanted her Mom to go too, but she had only received two tickets. She would go next time, she swore.
Running around like scampering mice, they donned their clothes, pulled back their hair, and ran to the car. With hearts racing, they jammed to the CD as they sped to the concert. The place was packed. Luckily they arrived early, and claimed spots only a few feet from the stage. It was not long before people were shoving their way to the stage, but they stood firm, not budging from the close spot.

The Band entered the stage. Screams rang out, whistles and whoops, shouts of ‘Happy New Year”; it slowly quieted as the drummer pounded “One Two Three”.
Crystal and Steph were mesmerized. They had fallen into the band’s trance. Song after song, they swayed and sank deeper with each piercing gaze. The Bassist’s smile captivated Steph. The lead singer’s eyes entranced Crystal. Neither of the girls aware of what was to come. Deeper and deeper they fell. The Band exited the stage, soon returning for an encore song. Many people left when the band first exited, leaving the girls still in a daze, waiting.
Crystal and Steph were on the way to the car, when a very large man asked them to please follow him. Confused, they complied. He walked them through still partying people, around to a trailer behind the stage area.

“Wait here.” He told them.
They stood outside the huge trailer, wondering what they had done wrong, and if they were in some kind of trouble. Fifteen minutes past before the man re-appeared.
“Follow Me.” He motioned, as he led them to a huge tour bus.
The girls nearly fainted. A strong arm reached out for their hands. Reaching up first, Steph was helped up into the bus, followed by Crystal. The Bassist patted a place next to him and told Steph to sit by him. The lead singer took Crystal’s hand and led her to another sofa and pulled her down beside him. He spoke first.

“We noticed the two of you in the crowd. We knew you two were who we had been looking for, the whole tour, so thank you for coming.”

Crystal’s voice shook as she spoke. “My Mom got us the tickets.” Wow, she thought what a dork, and slapped her forehead in embarrassment.

“Well then thanks go to Mom.” He turned to the bassist and nodded.

The bus lunged forward, rocking the girls right into the laps of the guys.
“Um Where are we going?” Crystal asked. “We have to get back to the car”. No Answer.
The lead singer gently framed Crystal’s face with his palms, gazing deeply into her eyes he leaned in to kiss her. The Bassist followed with Steph. After what felt like an eternity in heaven, Steph pulled back and asked what was happening. The bassist shushed her and pulled her up to her feet. He led her toward the back of the bus, where curtains divided off several small rooms. He guided her forward into one, where she noticed within was only a bed. She turned to return to her friend, he blocked her, and turned her back facing the bed. He moved so quickly he was a blur, she felt the sharp pain on her neck and all went black.

Surprised to find they were in a fancy Hotel room, the girls rushed to each other. Noticing they had both been bit, and remembering the long and wondrous night of lovemaking, they both busted out giggling. Was it all a dream? Where was the car? How did they get here? All the questions spoken silently but heard by each, their eyes widened. They could hear each other’s thoughts! They quieted and listened to find they could hear beyond the walls, the building, and the street.
The door opened and in walked the Band, the whole band, all five of them, gleaming, and smiling.

“Welcome to the family, our pretty little pets.” The bald one snorted.

“Lay Off! These two are special, we claimed them last night.” The lead singer snarled.

He took Crystal by the hand and asked how she liked her new life? He told her she was not undead as of yet, neither of the girls was. Steph was in the arms of her bassist. The girls cared not about the details. They were finally with the men they loved, and that was all that mattered.
They would be together forever. Even if The Band was not.

The End


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