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BY: Isabel Torres

“Uuugghh, I really don’t want to be her right now” I said to my mom as I stepped out of her car “come on rosy it can’t be that bad, you’re going to meet and make lots of new friends, trust me by the end of the day you are going to have as many friends as you did in new York, as a matter of fact let me rephrase that to by lunch you’re going to have as many friends as you did in new York” I wish, I knew my mom was exaggerating and it was just her way of trying to make me feel better, but it wasn’t working.” Come on give me a kiss already or you will be late to your first day of seventh grade” she said, “mom it’s not my first day of seventh grade it’s the middle of the year remember, and school doesn’t start for another five minutes” “you can never be too sure” she laughed, I reached over the seat and got my back pack and quickly gave my mom a kiss on the cheek hoping that at that very moment she would say something like, you know what rosy you were right it was not a good idea to move out here, come on lets go back home, but she didn’t instead she said “goodbye” one last time and as soon as I shut the door to her car she drove away down the same road we drove down to get to my new school. At that moment I felt a knot begin to grow in my stomach. There really was no going back now was there. I turned around as soon as my mom’s blue Tahoe disappeared out of sight, I walked away very slowly hoping that by the time I actually walked into the school the bell would have already rung that way I wouldn’t have to walk in there looking like a loner I may not have known much about this school but rule number one in pretty much every school is to not walk anywhere by yourself unless you want to be called a loner. Luckily god must have heard me hoping that I wouldn’t walk in by myself or I just got really lucky because when I walked into the school the bell rang and everybody was now walking to their first period class. I paused for a second listening to the bell, it was unlike any bell I had ever heard before. It was an actual song, like not a full song, but a tiny piece of it but I thought that was pretty cool. When the bell ended I remembered that I needed to get to class so I pulled out the schedule my mom and I had gotten the day before. Algebra 1, Mrs.Zarate it said right next to the word first period, b-3 was the classroom number. I was able to find the class easily because the schedule had a map on the back. When I walked into the class everyone was already sitting in their seats, great just what I needed, to be the center of attention. “Who’s that?” “Whys she here?” “Is that a new student?” where just some of the whispers I heard, actually they were being way to loud to be whispers they might as well had just asked me.” Alright class, come on be quiet” said a tall thin woman who I hadn’t seen before because when I walked in she was sitting at her desk. She must have been the teacher. I’m not done yet but this a preview comment it please ill take all feed back good or bad =)


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