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Seventeen-year-old Jenny Hanes stepped out of her own Ford F-150, shining bright red in the fall sun. The cool winds were blowing through her brown hair as her and her mother, Julie, walked up to their newly built house. The house had brown siding with white gutters, and a black roof-top. It was a typical house for the small town of Sunset Springs, Iowa.
Even with a population of 1,110, there were no care centers, no retirement homes, no school, and not even a pool. It has two little shops in town, a grocery store, and a small park. Where the kids always hung out after they got out of school. Jenny was the new girl in Sunset Springs; she had recently moved from Chicago, Illinois. Back home, you would catch her hanging with friends, swimming for free, and going out late and partying all night long and not coming home. As Jenny and her mom unpacked the truck, they started putting up their beds for the night. After they were done, Jenny fell asleep even though it was only 8pm. She woke up to the smell of bacon and her mom singing, “ Mom is making breakfast.” She quickly put on her favorite pair of designer denim jeans and a purple flannel shirt. She straightened her hair and flew downstairs as she was really hungry. For breakfast they had: bacon, egg, toast, pancakes, orange juice and milk. She finished her breakfast hugged her mom and ran to the F-150 and took off towards school. All of a sudden she was standing in front of Lady High School, and she silently said, “This is where I’m going to spend MY senior year? This will not do!” The school was brown bricked with windows, doors, and a sign that said with white lettering, “Lady Jr/Sr High School” and a plaque below that said, “Since 1920”. Jenny always hated being around newbies and now she was one herself. As she walked into the building, she quickly found the office. She reported in and asked where History 101 was. Instead of telling her, they gave her a tour guide.
He was 6’4“, had shaggy brown hair, perfect tan, shirt half way ripped down the side and on the front it says “Lady High Basketball Team” with the number 24 on the back. His athletic shorts went slightly past his knees and had black on Nike tennis shoes on. He looked down at her as she was only 5 foot tall; his eyes were crystal blue and they sparkled as he said, “Hi, welcome to Lady High School. My name is Joshua, but you can call me Josh.” She almost fainted as she said in return, “Hi, my name is Jenny, Jenny Hanes!” after that, he walked her to History 101, and with every step she took towards her class, she couldn’t help but to look up at him. When they got to her class, he said, “This isn’t my first hour class so I have to run.” But she said the most cheesiest thing ever back to him. “Don’t run, you might get in trouble.” In reply, he smiled and said, “I like your humor. Say, there is a bonfire out at the lake tonight on the east side; you should think about coming.” He winked and then left. Jenny’s heart felt like it was going 50 million miles per hour as she sat down in her seat which had been the only one left. The second bell had rung right when the teacher walked in he said ”Good morning students! I would like to introduce our new student, Miss Jenny Hanes!” Jenny walked up to the front of the class and very shyly said “Hi I’m Jenny”, someone from the back of the room shouted “Yeah, we know.” The class laughed and then her heart felt like it was going faster. Jenny blacked out and woke up in the county hospital and the first thing she said was “Eww it smells like dead people in here” the doctor laughed and said “That’s because one of our patients has sadly passed away this morning” he was smiling real big. Jenny couldn’t help but to laugh it was very awkward for her to be here. She had to stay for another three hours because when she blacked out she onto the floor and hit her head hard. She had a mild concussion. Three hours passed and she was still at the hospital. When the doctor came in she asked “Doctor I thought I would’ve been gone by now”. He simple said we are running some test real quick you’ll have to stay over night I’m sorry Miss. Hanes. Jenny was furious with the doctors reply “Over night, over night no I’m not going to stay overnight. I have to be at school. I’m not going to miss days this is silly”, the doctor said back but serious this time “We think you might have skin cancer. So therefore you have to stay over night I’m sorry Jenny.” Jenny said, now astonished, “Wa-wa what makes you think this”, he pointed to the birthmark on her shoulder. Jenny’s birthmark used to be one big one and now it consist of 16 little ones she was supposed to get it checked out when she was sixteen but they didn’t have the money for it. Jenny couldn’t believe what she just heard, as she thought about it she fell asleep.
Jenny woke up but she was not in the hospital, she was home! She got up and started running, she ran outside to find herself still in Lady. She looked puzzled, she thought to herself “Why would I be in Lady if I’m not in the hospital, where would I be” then she realized it was all a dream she was in the nurses office at school she had been passed out for about 5 class periods. She got demist from school. She went home.
When she got home the mayor of the town was there talking to her mom. Mayor Jenna Robinson was a tall, skinny, sandy blonde hair that went down to her waste if it wasn’t in a ponytail. She looked at Jenny and said “Well it is good to see you again!” Jenny looked confused “Again!I’ve never seen you before in my life!” “You never told her Julie”said Jenna. Julie looked at Jenny “Jenny I lived here before you were born and a month after you were born we moved to Chicago, Illinois. I’m sorry I wanted to tell you but I figure it was just best to keep a secret.”
The End


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