Tears to fall   Misty was born into a world that was not her own. When she was still young she didn’t understand a thing. One day she was out playing when she heard a voice. She ignored it at first but she kept hearing it soon she went to look for it. She found that it was a child, a boy he with short light brown hair, Crystal light blue eyes, and he looked very dirty. The boy seemed friendly so the girl decided played with him. As the days went by the two of them became very close friends. When one day the little girl’s mother sat Misty down and had a talk with her. She told Misty that her father was leaving and that she wouldn’t see too much of him anymore. Misty didn’t take the news to well she was so upset she bolted out the back door into the woods where she played with the little boy. As soon as she found him she sat down and told him everything about what had happened. He told her he could fix it, that he could get them to say together. He told her that a price had to be paid and without thinking Misty agreed. The boy smiled and told Misty to go home and enjoy her time with her parents before her father left. Misty tried to fight with him reminding him of the agreement they just made. Soon the boy has explained enough to her and soon she was heading back home. Her father was staying one more night before he left and that night when they put Misty to bed she whispered to them both. “I love you mommy and daddy. I want us all to be a big happy family forever, never to part” Misty never said a word to her parents about the dirty boy in the woods. “Misty, your father and I love you very much. You will still see your father just not as much” Her parents had left the room after they both kissed her head goodnight. After they were in bed the little girl went out to the woods where the little boy told her to meet him. It was midnight and the boy was where he said he would be. He took her to where they played early in the mornings before Misty had started school. The little boy sat and talked with Misty for a little while and then took her back home. In the morning Misty got up with the sun and went down stairs she was so excited that her parents were going to stay together. She didn’t even think about what she had to pay the little boy with and as long as her parents remained a family she was happy. After Misty ate she went back out to the woods where the boy talked to her last night. She found the boy sitting on a log waiting for me. He had asked her to go somewhere with him to help him get something for him. Something that he wanted her to get. Misty knew she owed him for what he is doing for her so she agreed. He took her to a place not far from her home. “It’s over there on the other side of the field” the boy told her. Misty asked what she was looking for and all he told her was that she would know once she saw it. So Misty started to walk across the field when she fell into a dark whole in the ground. Misty was in so much pain, she tried to call for the dirty boy when she realized she   didn’t know his name. Feeling alone, cold, and scared she cried not able to really move her body. She could feel she was bleeding because the fall was far and she hit a few rocks at the bottom. Misty started to wonder how she survived the fall at all. It wasn’t long before the sun was right above her lighting up the dark whole that consumed her. She heard someone walking through the grass, braking twigs, and the rocks crumbled as the person walked. Misty tried to call for help again. She heard voices as they got closer and closer. She was so far down she couldn’t hear what the voices where saying or whose they were. Soon a rope was tossed down the whole and someone came down with a light. He put his arm around Misty, she felt so week and limp. He took her up to the top and laid her on the ground. Medical teams surround Misty doing their jobs. Misty could hear someone calling her name and she knew who it was before she even saw him, it was the dirty boy. She walked over to the boy past all of the people. “Come with me” he told her as he turned and started walking away. Misty didn’t follow him because she wanted to know where he was taking her but she realized he was heading towards her home. They finally reached the end of her yard. She looked across the big field through the glass doors that lead into the kitchen. Her mother was sitting at the kitchen table and her father was holding her. She started to walk across the grass to her house. Right when she entered the kitchen the phone started to ring and he father went to answer it. She watched her mother, her eyes were red because she’d been crying, skin pale because she had not been sleeping, she had not changed out of her night cloths, and her autumn hair was a mess. My father finished with the phone call and threw the phone across the room. My mother started to cry as he pound his fist on the counter top of the island in the kitchen. He walked over to her mother and she buried her face into his chest as he buried his into her neck and they both started to shake as they let tears flow out of their eyes. I walked back to the boy who was still standing there, where I had left him. He was silent when I got to him he didn’t answer me when I asked him what was going on. All he did was turn and started to walk away. He didn’t seem playful like all those days we played together, he seemed more grown up then that but he looked 5. Soon he reached a flat patch of ground that was covered with trees, bushes, and grass and sat down. I sat a few inches from him. It was a minute or two before he started to speak. He told me he kept his end of the deal and that I kept mine. “What do you mean?” “We made a deal and we both kept our word” “Why are my parent’s so sad and why didn’t they look at me or speak?” “Your parent’s will stay together” we remained silent for a while as I waited for him to continue. “What did I give you?” “You agreed to be my friend forever” “I already was” “Yea but now we can stay together and play forever” “What are you talking about” “Go back to where you fell” I looked at him for a while before getting up and doing as he told me. When I got there many of the people where already gone and I saw there was someone in a white zipped up bag. I walked over to see who and listened to them talk. “What a shame she was so young” “I hate it when children die like this” “Did you contact the parents?” “Yes I did” “Well let’s get the body out of here” “I’ll get someone to cover this up so it can’t claim anymore children” “Alright then Tom, I’ll go pay a visit to the parents” “Got it. Bye Gust” I watched as someone unzipped the bag, I was looking myself in the face. The woman who unzipped the bag closed my eyes and zipped it up again. I was so shocked I couldn’t move at first. When I finally moved I went back to the dirty boy. “What did you do to me?!?!” I screamed at him “I didn’t do anything to you that you didn’t agree to” “I don’t remember agreeing to you killing me!” “But you did “”When?!” “I told you I would keep your parents together but you had to give me something back in return” “What?” I started to calm down as I recalled the conversation “I wanted a friend” “I was already your friend” “Yea, but you would have grown up and left” “So would you” “No I’m dead too” “What?” “I died in 1962” “How?” “My dad was building this house. I wanted to help so I was under his feet. I tripped and bricks fell on me and I died instantly” “How did killing me keep my family together I’m not with them anymore?” “You wanted your parents to be together you said nothing about you being with them” I stood up realizing he was right. I walked back to the house where my parents were still holding each other. For the next few months I ignored the boy and stayed with my parents, who did stay together after all. Soon it didn’t feel right for me to be around the living so I went back to the dirty boy. I sent my days playing with him as the days went by and every now and then I would go back and visit my parents. They stayed together as the years went by they didn’t seen as happy but after the first year they started to laugh and smile again. Soon I stopped going back and stopped thinking about them. I never saw them again after I decided I needed to leave the living alone so I stayed in the woods where the boy and I sent our days playing.


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