BY: S.K. Nuanes

Based on true events
The rats ran across the basement floor, the light barely came through the window, she laid on the floor, she tried to catch her breath the floor was cold as ice she had nothing on her expect her own skin.
“Why me…” She mumbled under her breath,
She pushed herself up she was about twenty-two, she had fair skin, she had long blonde hair, blue eyes, she had a excellent figure, she sighed as she shoved her hands into her eyes.
“Hurry up unless bitch, make me some dinner.” A voice yelled from upstairs.
It was Tyler, her husband she hated.
She sighed as she got on her clothes which were tore but they would do until she got some new clothes on.
Rose went up the stairs there he was playing poker with his friends, Tyler had short brown hair, he had dark brown almost black eyes he had fair skin, he had muscles he looked about twenty-five. He had on a dark green tight short sleeve shirt and jeans.
“Don’t just stand there, make us some food!” Tyler yelled.
His friends only chuckled and didn’t care what their friend was doing. Rose went to the kitchen and started making them some food and she got some beers and placed the refreshments on the table, Rose went upstairs and changed into a pink bra and some white underwear, she put on a shirt that was black and she got on some jeans that were ripped up.
There was a knock on the door a voice said softly, “Rose can I come in?”
“Sure…” Rose sighed, the door opened there was Tyler’s best friend Zeke he had short light brown hair he had green eyes he was twenty-three. He had on a long sleeve grey shirt and jeans. “You ok?” Zeke asked.
“You think I am fine…” Rose said, rolling her eyes.
“Dump him…” Zeke said, coming closer to her.
“Zeke its not that easy I tried! He gave me a scar last time I tried to leave him!” Rose said, in tears.
Zeke stroked her cheek and said, “Don’t worry.”
Tyler listened in on them and smirked and waited until the boys left….

Rose went back up to their room and Tyler closed the door and said, “Well, well looks like you might like Zeke.”
Rose jumped and saw the demon living in Tyler and said, “No! I don’t!” She was in fear she knew what could happened to her.
“Don’t lie to me you little stripper….” Tyler growled he grabbed her and hissed, “Don’t you dare try and leave me!”
Rose nodded only because she was frozen in fear, how hot his touch was it would seem as if he came from hell a few seconds ago.
Tyler kissed her and pushed on onto the bed he jumped on her, he pinned her down and smirked, “You are nothing but a little sex toy.”
He slid off her clothes slowly and slowly slid into her first he went slow then he went harder making Rose scream and beg him to stop. When he was inside of her, there was no pleasure in Rose’s body, only fear. Wishing this was some nightmare. A monster was raping her, running his finger along her hips admiring her figure. He had a blood thirsty look in his eyes as he stared at Rose’s breast. To Tyler they were stress balls, and a toy.
“Come on baby don’t scream I like it when it’s quiet.” Tyler whispered into her ear.
Rose held in the tears Tyler was a different man now, he was nothing like this in high school…what happened to him

It was fall the leaves danced down in a ballet like form Rose had on a short black and red plaid skirt, she had on a white tank-top with a grey jacket on, she had a black scarf on she had her hair straightened. She looked around the court-yard unsure of who anyone was. “Hey, are you new?” A voice asked, coming from a boy about a few years older then her. “I stand out I guess.”
“Yes because you are very beautiful.” The boy said, smiling at her.
Rose smiled at her and said, “I’m Rose.”
The boy took her hand gently and kissed it as if he was Romeo, “I’m Tyler.”

Ever since that day Rose was in love, it was like she had her own Romeo, her own Prince Charming. She never felt this happy. At Prom…
She had on a medium silver dress with pearls at the necklace, she had her hair curly. Tyler showed up in a fancy tux, he smiled at her and they danced as if time was no limit that night. The announcer got up and said, “Prom Queen and King are….Rose Flakes, and King….Tyler Noble!” Everyone clapped and cheered, Rose could not believe it. How was this possible?
It didn’t matter they got up on stage Tyler smiled and said into the mic looking into Rose eyes. “Rose my love I must ask you something…” Tyler got down on one knee pulled something from his pocket, “Will you marry me Rose?” Everyone said, ‘aww.’ and waited for Rose’s answer. Rose nodded happily yes Tyler smiled and slid the ring onto her finger and got up and took her into a embrace and spinned her around everyone cheered for them. They kissed sweetly this was the best night of Rose’s life….and the start of a new one.

Rose remembered that night how sweet he was…everything was like a fairy tale but she made a mistake.
Tyler started drinking and gambling then he became violent and started forcing her to have sex when she didn’t want to.
A angel becoming a demon….

On the news Rose heard something heart breaking…
“Police have found a dead body belonging to Zeke Goldwings. He was stabbed in the heart twice then shot in the head and throw into a river. Police have nothing on the murder of him, but may Zeke rest in peace…” The male reporter said, sighing.
“Tyler!” Rose shouted, he came downstairs he asked annoyed, “God what.”
“You killed him…didn’t you.” Rose said, in shock.
“My, my someone is smarter then they look.” Tyler chuckled.
Rose stood up and slapped Tyler for the first time ever, there was a read mark he glared at her and grabbed her by the neck and said low, “Listen here little bitch do that again and I will make sure you are next on my murder list.” He dropped her and kicked her in the face.
She got up and went into the baby room she was expecting one it wasn’t born yet Tyler had no clue it was better that way.

Rose got home late from work she went up to her room but heard voices one was a female and other was Tyler he was cheating on her.
“Oh Tyler…” The girl mourned.
“My princess you are my only love.” Tyler said, sweetly.
“Don’t you have a girlfriend or a wife.” The girl asked, unsure.
“Nope only a dog playing in the house.” Tyler smirked, kissing the girl.
Rose was on the edge of crying she went down into the basement this was the end she couldn’t take it anymore, her mother was dead her father in prison her best friends turned their backs on her her husband…
Rose got a rope and tied it to a hook and made sure it was tight she tied it around her neck she stood on the chair and let herself fall off the chair.

Rose was gone

Author Note
If you know someone is in a abusive relationship do something don’t let it go on, you may think you can’t do anything and if they don’t want your help. Help them one day they might give up. Everyone needs an angel in their life, you could be that angel they need. Suicide is a long term answer for a short term problem. If you care about someone or might not know them still save them. Because one day it might be to late.
This story is fake but hundreds suffer from the same problem everyday. Stop it do something everyone deserves a healthy relationship…

  1. Nothing kills a woman more than been abuse by her own husband. Men should learn how to love and appricate they wives, no matter what.

  2. Nothing kills a woman faster than been abuse by her own husband. Men should learn how to love and appricate they wives. No matter what.

  3. Nothing kills a woman more than been abuse by her own husband. Men should learn how to love and appricate they wives, no matter what.

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